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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here are two great quotations from the great Hamish Fulton – that’s him above, in Lanzarote.
The first: “I am an artist who walks, not a walker who makes art.”  Not trying to muscle in on the man, nor compare myself to him, but it's the case that I'm a writer who walks, rather than a walker who writes.

And even better from Fulton: “a walked line, unlike a drawn line, can never be erased.”  I wonder if that applies to writing too; a walked line, unlike a written line, can never be erased.”  I'll be thinking about that for a while.

(I wasn’t there but I can believe it's true - LA psychogeographer Anthony Miller tells me he went to a lecture about Fulton at the Hammer Museum, and the lecturer throughout pronounced his first name as “Armeesh” – as in the religious sect.  A man with Scottish roots, and I assume Mr. Fulton has those, though he was actually born in London, would surely be amused.  Either that or he’d bottle the lecturer.)

Hamish Fulton's website is here:

And it's not just me, is it, there's more than a passing physical resemblance between Fulton and Iain Sinclair?  Walking obviously keeps them trim and attractive, though doesn't do much for the hairline.

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