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Thursday, March 20, 2014


And here's a thing, a podcast in which the Hollywood Walker, aka Geoff Nicholson, i.e. me, along with a bunch of other people talk about walking (yet again).

It was made by Marilyn Powell for Canadian Broadcasting, who describe it thus:

Walking Matters, Part 2 - "The Steps We Take"
Ever since our ancestors rose to their feet, our species has been defined by walking upright. But the act involves our minds as well as our bodies. We interpret the act of walking, and give it our stamp - from ramblers to Rousseau, from models and tramps to Buddhist monks. In this two-part series, Marilyn Powell explores the world of walking and what it means to us. 

You can link to it right here.

Incidentally when I went down the recording studio to be interviewed I found this wonderful sign on the back of a downtown liquor.  It's  the kind of thing that makes walking worthwhile.

I think the word "loutering" is a brilliant and much needed invention.  I shall be using it often from now on.  

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