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Thursday, March 31, 2016


First there was this guy:

And then there was this guy:

And then there were these girls who probably weren’t aware of their filmic predecessors.  And I wonder if they were aware of the timetable and knew when the next train was coming:

And then there were these 5000 people in Tokyo at the end of 2015:

At 8 am on November 16th an overhead cable broke on the Japan Railways Kobe Line between Kobe and Motomachi Stations.  The train service was suspended while a repair crew got to work, and 5,000 or so passengers had to leave the train, and walk along the tracks to the nearest station.

They weren’t in danger, but even so it’s hard to imagine the commuters of most nations remaining so calm, and obeying instructions, and walking in single-file.  And at some point an employee of Japan Railways arrived, to apologize and give a bottle of tea to each person who walked by.  He opened the bottles for them.  I’m not sure why I find this so moving, but I do.

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