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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


As some of you will know, the only blot on my otherwise flawless, crime-free character is a bust for being a pedestrian on a motorway – England. M1, hitchhiking, 1970s – and I wish I could say it’s a long and interesting story, but it’s not.

In any case I wasn’t really ON the motorway, just on the grassy bank beside the motorway.  To actually set foot in the middle of the lanes on, say, the Hollywood Freeway, now that’s what I call being a pedestrian.

And although I still haven’t personally lived that dream, a couple of weekends back I did see a number of cops strolling about on the 101 north of downtown, thus:

There were half a dozens police cars, and they got in front of the traffic and brought it to a standstill so they could deal with a miscreant some way down the track.  I was in the front row of the cars that they stopped.

They did arrest some guy – guns were pulled though none fired, and the guy went quietly, hands up behind his neck,  but oh my there was some serious strutting by the cops as they set foot on the freeway.  That’s some Hollywood walking you’re doing there fellers.