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Monday, August 5, 2013


Just when you think it’s safe to go walking in Hollywood, I find this wonderful picture (by Bob Grueun) of Johnny Thunders striding down the Walk of Fame, sometime in the late seventies I'm guessing - no easy task in those platform boots.  And of course there were times when Johnny had trouble standing, let alone walking, though at some point it may have become all part of the act.

And I discover, improbable as it seems to someone like me who never really followed the Johnny Thunders career, that he did a version of These Boots are Made for Walkin'.  

Of course Lee Hazelwood, of blessed memory, wrote the song to be sung by a man - himself; which is a lousy idea: walking all over women, especially in boots, is obviously bad and wrong.   Nancy Sinatra (at least after the event) took credit for seeing that it could be a great song of female empowerment, and she swept the world with it.  

Johnny Thunders, not the most politically correct of boyfriends, by all accounts, sings it in his own (not entirely inimitable) way.  Here it is on youtube: