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Sunday, July 21, 2013


Of course there’s nothing funny about walkers being killed by drunk drivers.  And there’s not actually anything very funny about mooning, and yet who can resist an ignoble snigger, followed by a swift twinge of shame, upon reading this headline on the Fox news website in Phoenix:

Pedestrian 'mooning' cars fatally hit by drunk driver

The news items reads:

 “Police say a pedestrian who was walking in the road and flashing his buttocks to drivers was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver early Saturday morning. 

25-year-old Lee Cole Koontha was allegedly ‘mooning’ drivers and laying down in the roadway near 20th Avenue and Indian School Road. According to police, he was likely drunk or had taken drugs. 

Although his friends tried to get Koontha out of the road, officers say he was eventually struck by 48-year-old Stanley Stafford. 

Police say they believe Stafford was also impaired by alcohol or drugs. 

Koontha was taken to a hospital where he later died. 

Stanley was arrested and booked for aggravated DUI.”

I’m glad that Lee had friends who at least tried to get him out of the road.  He looks like he may not have been a very easy man to befriend.